onsdag 26 augusti 2009

New digg algoritm!

Admit it, you where a bit worryd for a second there huh? well, to be honest... so was i ;-)

I started to think this project had problems impossible to solve, it turns out i was partly wrong(thank god!)

I have never had any interest in changing to voxels, and when i started to get the feeling this project might have to serius issues that might not be able to be solved, i started to loose all the creativity and interest in this project, for some time i even thought "oh well, i guess this is it then...*trash*"

But it would seem fait had other plans, after several weeks of bashing my head bloody aginst the wall, i finnaly got the break i was looking for, and it was so simple... why did i not see this before?

The solution: Totaly change how the world is being deformed, invent new algoritm :P

it might be a bit slower than the old one, but it also gives loads of more power and flexebility with NO of the pointy triangels and it never destroys the cube like the old one did way to much.

now, admetedly it is not perfect, and there are still a few senarios where it simply wont make the world 100% correkt, the result is small cracks in the walls in some places...

anyway, new algoritm is many times smarter!
Say goodbye to pointy triangles, mangeld walls and weard looking surfaces!

picture abouve demonstrates a prototyp i did in BlitzMax (i always do 2d prototyping in bmax) to see if the new algoritm was working before implementing it in Liero3D engine, and it would seem it does so very well :)

EDIT: the last picture was a bit booring as far as digging goes, and containd a few errors, so i made a nicer one, and edited the text to mach :-)

This game do open up a few creative possibilitys!