lördag 4 juni 2011

Find me on tweeter!

This is probably one of those things on the Internet i always considered "not my cop of coffee".
but i finally decided to give it a try anyway :)

it also forces me to practice the art of -short messages- witch has never been my strong side ;-)

on my tweeter feed i will do quick and dirty updates on the latest things i test and play around with , screen-shots that don't make this blog, and even some general every day stuff :)


oh well thats all for now, back to the salt mine :3

torsdag 2 juni 2011

Limerock in love

This might be off-topic, but i cant help my self :3

A few days ago i got a choking phone call.

My mothers husband called me on the phone to tell me that i had received money from a Foundation, and that there was enough so that i could buy the laptop of my dreams!

The very same day, I was in the store and picked up a very sleek, powerful and beautiful ASUS U36JC!

"She may be thinner than an anorexic supermodel, but she sure is beautiful!"

, it would seem i was unlucky to get a defective battery, so the machine only make due for about 3 hours while running the computer but not using it at all(and running in battery-saving mode!)

This of course seems ridiculous for a new modern laptop with a 800 euro price tag, who comes with a "Long battery life" sticker and is praised by the seller for its good battery time.

There also seems to be some strange bugs in the OS, i think it might be due to ASUS mod'ing the OS.
On top of that, they have incorporated there own features and stuff, and filled the laptop with a ton of flimsy software.

And for some bizarre reason the laptop keeps forgetting my settings and what softwares i install.
I have so far installed java twice, and it keeps asking me if i want to turn on the anti-virus software every time i turn on the machine(witch i do).

It is almost like it do a auto-recovery each reboot or something, not sure what the hell is going on... seriously considering tearing out the Asus-moded Windows 7 and replace with my own, this of course would mean that i lose some of those special features that my laptop might need to work(switching between the two internal GPU's for example)
hopefully these softwares can be installed manually.

and of course, the question you guys all want to know, does the laptop run Liero3D? well, it does run the game engine, but not very impressive... about 10-20fps, but at least now i have a slower platform to try things on, should help allot :)

The Liero model editor however runs smooth on the U36JC as expected :)

Defective battery and buggy Asus-moded OS aside, this is the best freaking laptop i ever had the privilege to work on in my life! and it breaks my heart that i am forced to return it to the store :(