torsdag 22 oktober 2009

sweet progress!

After several very productive days, things are relly starting to shape up, the new engine has almost reached the state of the old one before i started the re-write.
and i must say, im very happy with how things are currenly going :)

There are a few issues i need to fix, and then i will implement a new Octree to replace the old one.
after that i think i might implement a few experimental weapons to use for a future tec-demo video :)
Hopefully this is something that i will manage to produce in a near future!

Even the new engine has a few glitches(see image abouve), and im not sure what the problem is just yet.
it might partly be a normal-issue, and i know there are loads of texture stretching, witch makes it look like some triangels might be wrong even if thay are not.
however, i suspect a few triangles are still a bit wonky... so i have some work to do here :3

Ofcourse, you might also notice that im experimenting with a new texture for the mud, im still not sure what people would prefer, this more "realistic" one, or the old-school Liero style texture, so leave me a comment on the subject.

[Edit]changed some of the content and flow in the text, it was poorly written from the start :(

söndag 18 oktober 2009

New Ideas, new ways

Oky, its been a looong time since i posted a message, and by now, im guessing people are thinking this project has been terminated...

however, im writing this post to tell you all that this is not the case, this project is still my main project and the one project i am still most pasionate about.

i should say, this project has not come without its fair share of pain and head bashing, it is proberbly the most complicated game i have ever worked on, possibly the most complicated project i have been involed in the 15 years i have been interested in programming.

This whole project started a long while ago, i had this idea of how to -in a rather simplefyd way- making 100% destructable terrain, as it turns out... this way, as simplifyd as it was, had more problems than solutions, and it took me 2 re-writes to figure out that it would simply not be possible to solve the problems using the old ideas of 'how to digg'.

a while back, i posted a comment on "new digg algoritm", even this one was based on the old ideas of doing things, and ofcourse, again it turns out the issues could not be solved.

things started to look rather dark, several times i doubted if this project was even possible, and then... it happend...

My friend Mr Lago, had a new idea of how to solve things, it was totaly different from how things was previusly handeld, and i had some serius doubts about implementing the changes... or, should i say... almost completly rewriting the project! ... *yaiks!*

but the previus 2 attemts; trying to change and tweak the old ideas, seemd to have prove it could not be done with the current ideas, i HAD to make the hard choise, i had to let the old ideas go, i had to let the source go... and after some wry face, so i did.

as it turns out, rewriting the project whent much faster than expected(a few miner things like Camera control could be reused), and here are a few things you people might find interesting:

  • New ways of rendering seems MUCH faster, this should give longer rendering view. Infact... the tests i have renderd almost always hold 60fps, where the old one was rearly over 30.
  • New ideas should make it rather simple to implement LOD, something that was almost impossible before, this ofcourse gives even longer vision range!

So how do i know it all wont just come crashing down around me again? ... truth be told, i dont.
but i do have a good feeling about this new solution.

I have also learnd loads from previus misstakes i did in the previus 2 prototyps, so even if this project has had a slight stepp-back, i will still say it was well worth it.

for the future of Liero3D!

NOTE: I think it might be important to note, that since i complitly change the way holes are created and renderd, it might not look at all like the previus screenshots, i have yet to deside if holes will be smaller aswell, something that will make them a bit more square-ish.