måndag 15 juni 2009

Liero in 3d?

i'm reserving this blog spot adress for a future use, more comments will be added when i have more time and something interesting to show on this project :)

but as you might have guessed, this blog is all about the devolepment of Liero3D, and here are a few things my new game engine will do:

  • 100% fully destructable terrain (not that worms3d-block-crap), if you want to digg spiraling tunnels, nothing is preventing you.
  • Since game is written in C# and XNA, we can expect to se the game on XBox360 in the end.
  • Graphics and feeling of gameplay will be exactly(or close) to the original, except in 3d(first person shooter-view), I always think of Liero like a mix betwin Worms and Quake, well... this will still be the case.
  • Most original weapons will be implemented, depending on what the engine can handle performance wise, it is not clear how much i can digg in realtime before i get performance issues.
  • Not sure about multiplayer just yet, MudDigger(current engine code-name) is my only priority at the moment, but hopefully an AI that can match the original ones, possibly also split screen for hot-seat.
only limitation in the engine currently is a rather limited level size, with a rather HUGE ammount of memmory usage, i hope to solve this(at a slight performance cost)
in the future.
if you have any questions, or sugestions on gameplay and features, pleas post a comment.