måndag 15 juni 2009

Liero in 3d?

i'm reserving this blog spot adress for a future use, more comments will be added when i have more time and something interesting to show on this project :)

but as you might have guessed, this blog is all about the devolepment of Liero3D, and here are a few things my new game engine will do:

  • 100% fully destructable terrain (not that worms3d-block-crap), if you want to digg spiraling tunnels, nothing is preventing you.
  • Since game is written in C# and XNA, we can expect to se the game on XBox360 in the end.
  • Graphics and feeling of gameplay will be exactly(or close) to the original, except in 3d(first person shooter-view), I always think of Liero like a mix betwin Worms and Quake, well... this will still be the case.
  • Most original weapons will be implemented, depending on what the engine can handle performance wise, it is not clear how much i can digg in realtime before i get performance issues.
  • Not sure about multiplayer just yet, MudDigger(current engine code-name) is my only priority at the moment, but hopefully an AI that can match the original ones, possibly also split screen for hot-seat.
only limitation in the engine currently is a rather limited level size, with a rather HUGE ammount of memmory usage, i hope to solve this(at a slight performance cost)
in the future.
if you have any questions, or sugestions on gameplay and features, pleas post a comment.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Interesting project. Has anything developed in the past few months? Best of luck.

  2. Hi Feliz, glad you liked it :)

    I have been in a small dry spell the last month, but it is still my main XNA project, so i will continue and finnish this game!
    i got a bit stuck on a few problems i need to fix, and when i do i hope to do a nice youtube demo.

    the new computer has arrived aswell, and i am afraid it takes up some of my time now... with all those new awsome good looking games i can play :3 *sigh*

    also, the source for Liero3d is on my old computer, so i need to move some stuff before i can continue to project, but im getting there, no worrys :)

  3. at first do a copy often
    do you know where is original 1.33 sourc now ?
    good luck with it
    is ninja rope implemented already?
    how did you put in lightnighs?

  4. hey. loving what your doing. got a few questions

    . you said it will come on x-box. is this only x-box or will it be on PC aswell

    . if it does come out on PC, will it be freeware?

    .will you be able to make maps other than dirt maps.

    e.g. liero factory?

  5. Hi Miles :)

    I'm glad you like my project, but if you read the newer post in this blog(and in frantic) you would know most or all the answers to your questions ;)

    this project is currently a bit on ice, but i hope to continue on it in a near future.

    no, the plans for a xbox version has been scraped, xbox has far to many performance problems and i wrote this post before i had any idea how complicated the xbox is to work with.
    The Liero3d engine use mostly the CPU, and hardly at all the GPU, the xbox has about 1/3 of the CPU performance the same hardware would do on a PC, and since this game is alredy a bit slow on PC, xbox cant happen :(

    if this game is released, it is PC only.

    Yeas, the game it self is freeware, and 100% free to play offline, but since i would like to gain some money in the end for all the hard work i put in, i would probably make the public servers pay-to-use.

    The nature of the engine(using Polygons and not Voxels) make it hard for custom map design, and the engine dont like materials that are not behaving like mud(however, static objects like rocks would ofcourse be included).
    i guess it might be possible for none-mud materials, i have not put to much thinking into this as of yet.

  6. Hi Katzi

    "at first do a copy often"?
    uhm... that was a random statement? what are you talking about?

    The source for the original game is not public(as far as i know), and i don't think Joosa Riekkinen would ever release it ether.
    however, you can take a look at OpenLieroX.

    There is currently no ninja rope, it was planned however.

    did you mean Lightnings? the only lightning is from the Normal calculation and one static light source in XNA.

    and finally, for everyone else who continue to post comments in this blog post, i have written loads of new blog posts with more information... i suggest you read the rest of the blog before asking questions...
    i guess this post must be some top-hit in a google search or something :P