torsdag 22 oktober 2009

sweet progress!

After several very productive days, things are relly starting to shape up, the new engine has almost reached the state of the old one before i started the re-write.
and i must say, im very happy with how things are currenly going :)

There are a few issues i need to fix, and then i will implement a new Octree to replace the old one.
after that i think i might implement a few experimental weapons to use for a future tec-demo video :)
Hopefully this is something that i will manage to produce in a near future!

Even the new engine has a few glitches(see image abouve), and im not sure what the problem is just yet.
it might partly be a normal-issue, and i know there are loads of texture stretching, witch makes it look like some triangels might be wrong even if thay are not.
however, i suspect a few triangles are still a bit wonky... so i have some work to do here :3

Ofcourse, you might also notice that im experimenting with a new texture for the mud, im still not sure what people would prefer, this more "realistic" one, or the old-school Liero style texture, so leave me a comment on the subject.

[Edit]changed some of the content and flow in the text, it was poorly written from the start :(

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hails from DK again. Keep the old texture, man.
    I believe you said you wanted to keep the entire feel of the original liero, while just adding the new dimension. Yeah "just" sounded wrong.
    Congratz on the high(er) fps. What machine are you devving/testing on?
    I'm doing a voxel raycaster, which has absolutely no normal-triangle-texturing-related problems. But the results are somehow similar.

  2. Hi Daniel :)
    and tankyou for your feedback!

    well, im glad you feel this way, the thing is, i DO want to keep the originl liero feeling, and i would prefer to use the old textures.

    however, some people have been complaining (not in this blog) about how out-dated it made the game look, and pointed out that most people would never touch it with a ten foot pole.

    This is a bit of a problem in a shallow gaming world like the one we are living in now, 90% of the gamers out there will take one look at a screenshot... never to lookt at the game again.

    and since im hoping i can make a income from the online service later, i would like to attract both groups, both hard-core gamers and old-school Liero fans.

    but i still agree with you, the new textures just dont feel like Liero to me.

    but i would like to have a few more feedbacks before i change back.

  3. Oh, forgot to respond to your questions:

    the machine is still my old and crapy: xp2100+(but damaged and currently down to <1.3ghz), 1gb ddr2, and a X1650 AGP8 card that can only run in AGP4 due to a old motherboard.

    the good news is, if I can run it, so can evryone else :-)

  4. Ohh.. great work, dude.

    I really want to play liero in 3d environment and see these tunnels damaging from explosions! I think that you can match this texture as additional (player may change it in settings). Could you tell me when do you want release something playable or althought something for testing?

    I belive that you still making this project? Big respect and I hope that you finish it.