lördag 4 juni 2011

Find me on tweeter!

This is probably one of those things on the Internet i always considered "not my cop of coffee".
but i finally decided to give it a try anyway :)

it also forces me to practice the art of -short messages- witch has never been my strong side ;-)

on my tweeter feed i will do quick and dirty updates on the latest things i test and play around with , screen-shots that don't make this blog, and even some general every day stuff :)


oh well thats all for now, back to the salt mine :3

1 kommentar:

  1. I looked around the site -- do you have anything I could try out? Even bare-bones game elements, I'd love to play with. Post anything and people will love it. I'm interested in the idea of a 3d Liero. I mod some of the 2d liero clones code.

    Also keep up with English! I know English and a good amount of German, and with those I can look at Swedish and be amazed by some of the words I can pick out. I love the sound vocabulary and word construction in Swedish. It would be fun to learn.

    Hej då, vän!