onsdag 15 juli 2009

Liero3d should be freeware?

Oky, so i have been doing some thinking about the future of this project and the multiplayer aspects during the last few days.

now... in true Liero spirit, it should be important that a Liero game is freeware(extra so if i use data from the original, like sounds files for example), and this feels important to me aswell, however... spending loads of time on a project and never ever get a penny on it, is both depressing and unmotivating.

so if i find a way that would keep the liero fans happy, and me inspired to continue and make the game blossom for several years to come, that would be ideal.

so... here is what im thinking, what if the whole game is 100% free to download and play as much as you want with no limitations*, including both singel play, local LAN and direct IP2IP.

however, if people want to play with each other in groups, teemworks aginst random people on the internet(evrything that needs a remote server), you could subscribe for like 10 euro a month(?).
it seems only fair that i can take money when people is using my servers and broadband, stuff that needs maintenance and work to keep running.

this also keeps the game totaly free, and yet gives the project some money for future devolepment. the best of both worlds. just the way i like it ;-)

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