onsdag 22 juli 2009

Some screenshots? ;-)

I thought it was time to show some sneak peaks of what things look like when you digg holes, just to keep people interested and to prove this project is infact real and not "vaporware".

as you can see, even in these small tests, things look rather nice alredy, and the engine does it's jobb well, some tweaks are still needed ofcourse... but overall, im happy with how things work :-)

It should be noted that this sample only shows an 8x8x8 sub area from the total level, wich is ment to be 128x128x128.

and only for the purpace of this demonstration, all cubes are renderd to show the walls outside, this is however not done normaly.

and yeas, that is a part of the original liero texture i'm using ;-)

I am delibertly going for a very retro 3D feeling, trying to just add an extra demension on the original liero game, I am afraid that if i start adding high resolution textures of sand and stuff, things wont look and feel like liero anymore.

so im keeping it as much as possible as the original :-)
after all, we dont play liero for the awsome graphics, we play it for the sweet gameplay!

I also want to wellcome an old friend and skilled programmer who recently joined this project, and have speeded up the devolepment time immensly, ladys and gentlemen: mr Andreas Lago! *warm applause*

oky, thats all for now

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