tisdag 28 juli 2009

Tunnels are a creepy place!

Admiterly, the previus pictures dident relly show much of what the game might look and feel like, hopefully these new images will give you a bether idea of what you can expect :)

It made me a little bit sad at first, but I was forced to add FOG out of necessity...
The huge ammount of vertices making up the tunnel walls was far to great...
And performance is still one of my greatest conserns, even with FOG the framerate on my system(as crapy as it is) is very bad... around <15-20fps.

There is still room for optimazion, so there is still hope :-) But on the bright side, it do gives a creepy and mysterious feeling when you walk around, not knowing what might popup from the black foggy caves!.

now ofcourse, the original liero did not have fog, after all... you had only -one screen field of view-, but this is also why i Dont think the fog destroys to much gameplay, you are not supose to have vision all over the map.

so maybe fog is the way to go anyway. :-) You may also have noticed, some of these pictures contains a few mangled triangles, I'm still struggeling with this problem, im not even sure it can ever be solved 100%, I have a few ideas i want to try, but unless i totaly change the way mudd is removed, mangled triangles are here to stay.

so... to all of those asking me "will to wholes make a tunnel?", i hope the pictures abouve give you a satisfying awnser. This was running on a rather crapy machine:

XP2100+ CPU
(damaged, so it identifys it self as 1500) running at 1.29Ghz.

1Gb of RAM.
AGP ATI ASUS X1650 256mb
Note:Motherboard is old, only capable of AGP4, so half speed.

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