tisdag 15 mars 2011

sweet shades!

Just as i expected, the texture based "Ambient Occlusion" effect looks a hundred times better than the previous vertex based one, and I'm almost finished with it! :)

There are a few blocks missing(you can see that some corners are not shaded) but this will be fixed very soon.

I will also change the way I write blog posts, it looks like people really don't like my rambling over the last month(apparently visitor number plumbed from 680 to 160 in one month), so i will try to make it more interesting.

From now on, I will write shorter posts, and only post new messages if i have some new cool pictures or movies to show :)

Youtube video will be up shortly, I only want to add some gore and worms to blow up ;-)

Note: The shadows are a bit over the top atm, I will make them slightly lighter.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I dont really mind the way you have written (then again my attention-span is like "current post i am reading").

    Anyways what i think people (me) want is progress. Pictures and so on. This is what brings me back to blogs. If no progress is shown i will not read the blog basically. Does not have to be huge progress either, just something to look at.

    I like technical posts to though.

  2. Hehe you are not alone mate, I recently got a ADHD diagnosis confirmed, witch explains why my attention span is none existent ;)

    But i will try to make the people happy and show more cool screens and stuff :)

    I think the people need a nice tec-demo video where we blow everything and everyone to smithereens ;)

  3. I'm probes being annoying now but, scince the tetren idea has changed from Pollys to cubes, level making will be easer?

  4. Hi miles :)

    I'm not sure what you meant by "changed from pollys to cubes", cubes are also made from pollygons ;)

    To only create abstract shapes and tunnels in mud is ofcourse just as simple with round holes as with blocks.
    but to create complex 3d pixel art like these:

    would of course be "impossible" with round holes.

  5. Ohh sorry I ment how you changed your hole Terrence concept. So you can only really make levels with holes?!?