lördag 12 mars 2011

To fake a fake

70% of all woman are faking it...
But I wonder how many who need to fake the fake?

After trying a SSAO shader and seeing some unsatisfying performance(on a very primitive example) , I decided to look into alternative solutions that would be faster to render and could work on older machines.

So I did a simple test where i darkened vertexes next to other blocks, and it looks something like this:

It looks really bad in a few spots, and quite good in others, but on average it is not as good as I was hoping for, so my next attempt will be to use gradient shaded textures instead.

Currently things are only evenly gradient, but I want the shadows to be stronger the closer you get to a corner, This is not possible to do when we color the vertices's directly, but would be very simple to do on a texture.

This is of course a very fake way to do "Ambient Occlusion", but considering that we get it almost for free, I can live with it.

Note: The picture to the right has slightly darker shadows.

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  1. Could you post a picture on the laggy-version also?

  2. Hi Anonymous ;)

    I probably didn't express my self very clear, but the -very primitive example- was not running on my engine, it was an SSAO xna example.
    You can find the sample here:

    But it looks like it is highly un-optimized, it was acting very slugerish on my computer, and I don't feel it is worth sacrifice all that power when i can create more simple alternatives that would run on much slower computers.

    I was also unable to render the ssao shader as 'final'(ssao+textures) on my computer, it might have been a compatibility problem with my graphics card.

  3. Oh i see, my bad. Anyways the new one you implemented looks great :) Keep it up!

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  5. I beleve that the graphIcs looks great. Gives me that old liero pixilated feel!