måndag 21 mars 2011

Ladys and gents...

I can tell that you people have been starving for something more than screen-shots and empty words for a while now, so I thought it was time for something more interesting...

So... without more delay... I happily present: The first movie.

Nothing to fancy just yet, I am showing off some of the basic features in the engine, but there is more to come, so don't worry :)

And that is not all, I'm also happy to say that I am the proud owner of Liero3D.net *drum sound*
and some web-space at One.com.
I'm currently prioritizing the game engine, so the page will probably stay "empty" for a little while longer ;)

Any feedback if ofcourse wellcome, as long as it don't involve the particles lack of shading :P

5 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome with the video! Looks nice.

    I might have missed some blog-posts. But how will you perform movement, the 2D versions movement is kind of choppy but that is okay since the pixels are kind of small and so is your worm. The pixels/blocks in the video seems kind of bigger so it will need tweeking.

    Maybe you could make the camera smooth-follow the worm.

    Then there is one more thing, the particles don't have any shading and this is an outrage! ;)

    Keep it up

  2. Hi jonathan

    glad you like it :)

    I did consider to move player and particles in block units, but I think that might be to choppy, so i will keep it like it is.

    the same goes for the player, he will move smooth just like the particles.

    the camera don't follow the worm, it is a quake style fps.

    The scale of things is almost the same as the original game(at least explosions is the same amount of pixels wide)
    The voxels are pixels converted straight over, so I cant(nor do i want to) make them any smaller.

    But i think it will look better once i fix the shading :)

  3. Oh, but i mean like this: lets say you have a stair and you are walking up it. This will be smooth right? Because in the 2D version the worm would kind of pop up some pixels, i think.

    Maybe i am just in my own thoughs here. An video with worm-walking around would be nice for future videos though :)

  4. Ah!
    well at first thought I would probably make the player pop up like the 2d version, at least from the beginning, but if it look to bad I would make an interpolation between the blocks, I don't think it will be a very big problem in the end:)

    I think I will implement animated worms before my next video :)