måndag 16 maj 2011

Editor sneak peek!

Since I have not shown any cool pictures for a while, I decided to show you guys some very early tests from the Liero3D model editor I'm currently working on :)

The interface look like crap, and uhm... not to mention my "lovely" -not so artistic- test model *cough*

But that is less important atm, what really matters is to make the 3d view, color palette and 3 separate 2D views working, and most of it is.

Next up is to make it possible to select what depth layer in each of the 2d views you are currently drawing on, this will be shown as 32 boxes bellow each 2d view(since the model is a maximum of 32x32x32), similar to how the drawing works in the Q-Block editor.

The overall scale of the windows will change, I think the palette should be smaller, and the 3 other 2d views scaled up as much as possible.
The 3D preview will have its own 4rth window aligned like the other 3.

And oh! before anyone asks, the color palette is temporarily randomly generated ;-)

When all basics is in there, I will add a row with simplistic buttons at the top of the window for SAVE, OPEN and so on, I'm sure it will be a neat little editor :)

I have a few interesting features i plan to implement, one has to do with the color palette(more about that later).

But perhaps the most interesting one is to take some inspiration from the game Spore.
where each creation is stored in a normal PNG picture, and model data is stored in the metadata.

What I really like about this is that it makes sharing content and general overview so much more practical and flexible, you could browse the directory with your creations in any software that suports png :)
and of course, most operating systems would automatically make thump-nails for preview, sweet! :)

And one more thing, you guys can expect LOADS of new pictures in the blog as soon as i add all the necessary functions i need in the editor, i think i will post all the models i convert from the original 1.33 in the blog(if people are interested) :)

I'm also feeling a bit happy today! :D
I received money from a Foundation: 300 Euro! and I have 2 more that I might get from!

hopefully I will manage to save most of it until the other ones arrive, and if everything goes my way(for once)... There is a chance that i can get a laptop! woohoow! :D

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