fredag 20 maj 2011

GMail Hacked :(

Got a nasty surprise today...

Apparently Chinese hackers got access to my GMail(the same one that is associated with this blog btw...) so I had a few moments of panic and paranoia.
But it don't look like there is any damage done(from what i can tell).

So instead of working on the L3D project, I have spent the day changing every f**aking password and adding extra security layers to everything... lets hope I didn't forget anything.

needless to say... I'm not a happy camper today :(

And apparently I'm not alone, there are tons of people all over the world who have the same problem.

Some even go all conspiracy-nutty and claim that it is NSA and other U.S. law enforcement agencies that uses built-in back-doors? Im not sure if i should feel ofended or privileged.

uhm... well, if that is the case, you guys are up for a boring read in my -not so interesting- mail box.

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  1. Get LastPass if you don't already got it...