lördag 28 maj 2011

More on the editor!

I have been working allot on the model editor recently, and i thought you guys might like a quick update :)

several things has happend since last post.
2d drawing canvas windows is bigger, 3d preview has its own proper window(with mouse rotation and zoom).
but perhaps most noticeable is the grid on the 2d views, it makes the editor much more simple to use.

I have also shaded all the background layers in the 2d views with black lines, I think it looks good and it makes it more easy to see where you are currently working.

And finally, I have written the basics for animation support, so i think I will have that part working very soon as well! :D

A new youtube video is probably to be expected in a near future *hint* ;-)

And as you can see(I hope), I did an attempt at a medic-pack.
But the only liero sprite i could find online was in such a bad quality/resolution, that i had to improvise from scratch.

If anyone has a full set of the original Liero 1.33 sprites, and can Email them to me, it would be very helpful for future conversions :)

Email: xip [dot] software [at] gmail [dot] com

made some visual improvements, and updated the picture to match.

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  1. When you save an object from the editor to run for the game, what will it be expired to? E.g. Obj, mtl,ect

  2. you mean exported? It is my own format, not any existing 3d format, so it can only be loaded from my game engine.

    but the structure is very simple, so it would not be hard for people(programmers) to create an external converter for 3d max for example.

    I am also considering saving the data as meta data in picture files, so the file would be a JPG or PNG file, and the image it self would be a thump-nail preview, the same way creatures and creations are saved in the game Spore.

  3. Sozz that was my auto correct ( spelling). I was just wondering because I made a 3d liero worm

    Hope u like

  4. Hehe those would be huuuge in my game world, remeber that I use the original scale and resolution for the 1.33 sprites.

    but as long as thay are no bigger than 32x32x32 i guess one can modd a worm to be that big.

    it might of course make it harder to play with, if the collision scale to the model, you would have a harder time walking and jumping in tunnels.

  5. AHuh dam it! I actully had it of the original sprite but I enlarged it by 2x because it looks a little "boxy" . I'll see if I can find it

  6. http://i1130.photobucket.com/albums/m540/Mcape6/Lieroworm-3.jpg
    There that's the original :)