onsdag 4 maj 2011

I am alive!

It has been a long time since there was any news on this project, so i thought i should just let you guys know that this project is still alive and kicking :)

Over the last month I have not had any energy to do any serous programming....
But i think it is starting to turn around again, and i have started working on the Editor from which all models will be made for L3D.

The editor will also be shipped with the game, and from within you can load existing game assets to mod them freely.

It seems logical that i create a simple editor that anyone can use without having any knowledge in 3d modeling, with would have been necessary if i for example made the models in a 3d modeling software like maya or 3d max.

This way I need to spend a little more time working on the project, but at the same time it would probably be much faster to create all the content(and there is allot of it) in a editor designed for simple block art, instead of an editor like 3d max.

The editor would probably closely resemble: QBlock

I'm sorry that i don't have any cool screen-shots or videos this time around, but i thought that i would show you guys another voxel project a friend of mine has been working on for a little while.

The game is calld: Lootfest and is a simple but interesting "zelda" style game inspired by 3D Dot.
It would appear my Liero3D game inspired him allot, since he started working on it after he saw my project, and he also implemented my fake SSAO technique among other things ;-)

He used the first solution I created that is vertex based, and not the one i later changed to that is Texture based, but it works well for his needs.

So, congrats to Fabian for Finishing Lootfest, and I wish him all the luck with his sales on XBLIG :)

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