onsdag 16 februari 2011

I am Yuri...obey me!

Arghh... I'm feeling a bit sick and fever-ish and didn't get much sleep last night as a result of it :(

So there probably wont be much work for a few days until i beat this thing.
I hope i can still manage to get my "playable" prototype done before the planned game-dev LAN in 14 days.

But I am starting to feel a bit stressed about that... there is 10 points on my TODO list, some i know for sure i wont have time to implement, others i don't know yet.

As you can see, I also uploaded a picture of me today, I feel it makes the blog more personal if you see who i am... even if i look like some deranged super villain with a "conquer the world" complex...

However, it should be noted that it was the best photo from a dozen taken... some of witch would give you nightmares and scar you for life ;-)

Perhaps was it not the brightest of ideas to take a profile photo when you are not well, hence the 6547 Photoshop filters used :P

oh well... i think i will crawl under a blanket and drink some hot tea, and hope I'm feeling better by tomorrow.

Good night Liero fans, wherever you are.

Doing some quick messing around with the facebook 'like' button in this blog, if things are not working properly, or your -like- vote disappears, try again later.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Yuri, this project is an great idea! I would like to play 3D Liero as soon as it's possible:) You're doing great work and it can be a real hit! I wish you succesful finishing this project:)

  2. Hi Anonym ;-)

    I'm glad you like it, it should not take to long for me to get it to playable alpha stage, but what exactly that would include i cant say right now :)

    I do think we can expect a nice Youtube video on the engine and all its glory around early Mars.

  3. Thanks for response :) I'm following this project for a long time and I'm very happy that after long period without any information or progresses I visited this blog again and I saw a lot of new stuff. I loved Liero when I was young and I'm really impatient to see (and of course play) your project. I can help you with testing if you're interested:)
    Greetings from Poland;)

  4. Hi f0rsaken :)

    I'm glad that i have long-time followers in my blog, and of course i need to take care of those people who are loyal to me ;)

    I do appreciate the offer, but i cant really give free test versions to everyone who ask(allot of people is asking me already), I might give a few keys to a few IRL friends and family.
    But i am afraid most other will have to pay for a key when the time come.

    read my latest blog post for info if you haven't already :)

    But keep checking the blog, i update it quite frequent now days! :)