fredag 18 februari 2011

The plan

Well I feel a bit better today and I am back to work :)

And while i take a small break from the coding, I thought i would update and clarify my plans for this project when it comes to the commercial aspect of Liero3D.
This is something i haven't talked much about except for in my early posts back in the days when holes where still round ;-)

I feel that i should make it very clear from the start what people can expect so there is no surprises and sad faces later, so here goes :)

As most of you already know(those who played the original Liero), this game is based on an existing free-ware game written by a guy called Joosa Riekkinen back in 1998.
And since the release of his game, dozens of people have created remakes and clones, most of them being free-ware.

From that point of view, one might assume that Liero3D will be freeware as well...
Yeas, the client it self will be freeware, but not all its features.

So here is the plan:

  • The game will be 100% free to download and play locally against bot's when it is finished, but if you want to play online or LAN with friends, you need to buy a Key.
  • A Key is a one time cost, you buy it once and get permanent access to the servers and online features, such as Multiplay, LAN, Ladders, and simpler access to user created Maps, Mods and so on(even tho you could install those manually in client of course).
  • The price of a key is reduced during early development(alpha and probably beta),price set at 100 SEK( thats about 10 EURO, or 15 dollar) and will increase 50-100% when game is finished(the exact rate is yet to be decided).
  • The only way to access the alpha(and possibly beta) will be with a key, no free versions will be available until after beta.
  • The alpha will be available when i feel the main core features in multiplayer is working, no single player(bots) mode will be available at alpha release.

The points mention above might change, but it gives a good estimate on what my current plans are, I hope this is acceptable to everyone.

This way, i don't technically take any money for the content that is related to Liero, i take money for accessing my server and letting people use my broadband.

After all, I need to pay my rent and put food on the table as well, and currently i have to struggle on welfare just to survive...

So it stands to reason that i should do what i can to improve my life, and make it possible to work full time on this project, witch would help increase the quality for everyone who like to play it :)

Feel free give me some feedback on the topic, what do you think about the commercial solution for Liero3D? write me a comment :)

[edit] made some changes in text, trying to improve the quality of things.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hmm, I think it's very good strategy:) But what do you think about 1 free multiplayer game without activating the full version? Just for promotial reasons, to show player how multiplayer works? And I have another question, do you want to make something like multiplayer ranking?

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  3. Hi again forsaken :)

    I have considered some form of 'test run', but it is hard to do it in a cleaver manner.

    if you give to much, the people would abuse the system and create new accounts to get some more time for free, so it would have to be a very small period so that it is not worth the trouble, the lock would of course also be server side and central to my server(not the client).

    And -one game- is probable not a good idea ether, things can go wrong... what happens if you get disconnected?
    and if "one full game without disconnection" is the rule... people would just pull the plug to never have a finished game, and continue to play for free... for example :P

    it is hard to create something smart and effective that wont be to simple to abuse.

    On the other hand, if people want to abuse something, they will, and nothing can stop them.

    IF i do come up with a cleaver solution, that gives people a chance to test multiplayer for a limited period of time, I'm 100% for it :)

    Yeas, an official multiplayer ranking list is definitely on my list! :)