fredag 11 februari 2011

Texture test! :D

I implemented something so that i could see what the hell was going on, its is almost impossible to tell where blocks are when thay are all in the same color...

And even if there are several visible bugs in the screens bellow, it is starting to look really awesome! :D

Texture on voxels is a bit smeared(so I deliberately took screens from a distance) due to an bug in the texture attlas.

The white fog is also temporary, i think i will go with black fog, or replace it with Depth of field.

And don't let that fps counter in the corner scare you...
The frame rate is never that low, in fact... i believe 60 is my average fps, but due to a bug... an insane amount of mysterious single ghost voxels is placed all over the map(you can see them as single holes on the ground)...

These mysterious voxels generate thosands of extra polygons... strangely they only appeared when i added texture, and i really don't get why...
Worst case scenario, I give Ghostbusters a call and we have our frame rate back to 60 in no time ;)

If i keep this creativity up, i wont have any trouble make the "dead line" for next game-dev lan! :D

Quick update.
Added one more picture, the last one(bottom right) don't have the ghost blocks, and as you can see, The fps is back to 60+ :)
The reason for this bug is yet unknown, so I'm sure it will come back and bite me in the ass some day ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Lookin very nice mate :) Keep it up, cant wait to play that badboy.

  2. The new graphics looks great. More natural. I would love to explore that cave system with or without deadly monsters. Keep up the good work!!