torsdag 24 februari 2011

Texture suport for 3D volumes!

I had an idea a little while ago where i tinkered with the concept of putting 2d textures on 3d volume data... and the result turned out better than i expected! :)

It is not a 100% perfect solution, there are plenty of situations where it might not look very good... but it will work just fine for my "little" game :)

The goal is to make it possible to import any number of textures(254 is max), and use different textures for different materials, each with its own attributes(indestructible, removable and so on).

It would also be possible to use different textures inside other textures, for example a block of sand, and inside you will find wood texture, and if you remove the wood texture you find brick texture, and so on.

The plan is to ship an level editor with the game where you can paint and sculpture the terrain in 3d, and use any texture you want on any surface :)

That is another 2(almost 3) points implemented from my TODO list! things are really starting to snowball now :)

PS: I had that cobra picture as a poster when i was a little kid, and it was my favorite one!
so when i found it browsing for textures, i could not help my self ;-)

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  1. Looking really nice mate, cant wait to blow those flowers apart. Whats inside i wonder? Little goblins?