torsdag 10 februari 2011


Turns out i made some miscalculations and errors in my last 2 posts.

First of all, the render distance from the first test render was incorrect.
It was based on a picture from the original Liero, but the problem was that the picture had different resolution than the in-game resolution, so that every pixel was 2x2 as big, and this was something i didn't consider when i later made my estimation for how long render view must be in Liero3D.

Ironically... I several times thought to my self "The scale of things don't look right!" but since i had done the math i was sure it was correct, and concluded that it must be because it was in 3D and because the level didn't have any objects in scale i could relate to.

The good news is that we get fairly decent performance with the 2x view, witch of course means that if we split it in half to get the same view as Liero 1.33, we would never have any performance problems! :)

And now the second correction... I'm not sure what i was smoking... but apparently it was some good stuff, ether that or i have simply been playing way to much Minecraft lately....

But after closely inspecting some Liero movies on youtube, I noticed to my surprise that the tunnel holes was NOT as complex as i remembered.

This is not a bad thing of course, it would give me less work in the end.... But i do think my tunnel generator creates far more interesting tunnel structures.

In the end, i guess there is nothing forcing me make my tunnel generation as boring as the original.

so what do you people think? complex tunnel systems or simple holes like in Liero 1.33?

[Edit] Oh and i forgot, I also had a post about the new Liero3D group on facebook, but i later found out that i really wanted a Page(gives more control and more options), but until i have the energy to add a Like button to my blog, you will have to search for it manually.
The group is to be deleted.

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