tisdag 8 februari 2011

Tunnel generator test!

What would Liero be without all those generated tunnel spaces?

Well I for one don't plan to find out... so i started working on a simple tunnel generator!
and the result looks very interesting!

I'm not sure they look like the tunnels in Liero 1.33 yet, a bit hard to compare 3D tunnels with 2D, but I'm sure i have loads of tweaking ahead of me.

If anyone is curious, My solution is to create X amount of digger-particles that digg around for Y amount of cycles, and every now and then changing direction and random attributes.
Simple, but it works :)

If I'm not mistaking, this is a similar way to how Markus generates his caves in Minecraft, but i cant swear on it.

This has been the most productive day of programming i have had for months, damn it feel nice!

oh well, back to the salt mine :)

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